So why the hell should you brush your face?

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This is one of those questions that sounds stupid - but is pretty obvious. Brushing your face feels amazing, and your skin will love you for it. 

Although it sounds self-explanatory the idea may be foreign to many, so in this article we will discuss the who, how and why of brushing your face. 

Let me start by saying that a beard becomes a beard the minute you have hair on your face. Whether your beard is 1 cm long or 1 meter long, if your face is adorned with even the slightest bit of man-glitter (hair), you have a beard. But while that bushy mess of manliness has its benefits, it comes with a fair share of issues, not the least of which being the toll it can take on your skin. See, while growing out the glorious beard of your dreams lets your inner man shine through, it can cast quite the shadow on the skin underneath. When you have a beard your face is covered and because of that it doesn't get the air circulation, stimulation or exfoliation it needs. Most of you with full beards know about the blue/grey gunk you scrape from under your beard in the shower, and anyone that has shaved a full beard has likely seen the red irritation a full beard can cause. Not to mention the itch—that persistent, nagging itch that no amount of scratching can satisfy. Well, my bearded friends, I am pleased to reveal the secret to your beardly woes, your new best friend, and it fits in the palm of your hand. Meet the 100% boar bristle brush.

They're often referred to solely as "beard brushes" which tends to imply that their only meant for the heavily bearded, but despite this misnomer, a well designed boar bristle brush should be the staple of every man's skin care routine. Whether you're rocking the stubble, a short beard or a bushy behemoth on your face, brushing your face daily with a boar bristle brush provides a variety of benefits that not only feel great, but will keep you looking great too. 


1. Exfoliate

Brushing your face with a boar bristle brush helps exfoliate your skin, keeping your beard at the top of its game. By removing excess surface skin, brushing allows the skin underneath your beard to breathe and maintain its natural glow. Brushing daily will prevent that nasty build-up and help you avoid the red-puffiness that can occur when you ultimately decide to sacrifice your monument to the beard gods (i.e. shave your face). 


2. Expose

Exfoliating your dead skin cells will unclog you pores, expose your follicles and prevent ingrown hairs. Exfoliating your face will also help your skin to absorb additional nutrients, allowing toxins to be released and promoting a healthy complexion.


3. Excite

One of the least known but most exciting (pun intended) benefits of brushing your face is the ability to stimulate new growth. Daily brushing with a boar bristle brush will increase blood circulation to your face, carrying away toxins and supplying the additional nutrients needed for a thicker, healthier beard. 


So what's the moral of the story? BRUSH YOUR FACE

And if you're looking for the tool to do the job, check out the beautifully designed, 100% boar bristle brush the beardgrowthbrush:





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